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   SUNDAY, December 9, 2012


                                    Cockfighting in Hawaii

          Carroll discusses cockfighting in Hawaii.  He interviewed a number of people from the Waianae Coast of Oahu where he learned the inside story of how and why cockfighters cheat and throw a fight, the gangs trying to take over the area, and why violence is escalating.  Listen to our show,  then read more about the violence and cockfighting in general.  See some very interesting and disturbing pictures
           (link here for details).

          Carroll also talks about the Hawaiian Humane Society, particularly how they treat chickens, feral cats, and other animals.   Carroll is concerned about how they handle their animals, how many are euthanized, and the power and control the Hawaiian Humane Society has over the City Council and  community.



             A sign of the times - warning about  local gangs at the cock fights.



                                PROUD BIRDS


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