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   SUNDAY, December 27, 2015


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          December 27, 2015, Honolulu, Hawaii.  

          Carroll and callers discuss the government's ability or willingness to resolve problems, and why people do not vote or participate in the process.   If you do not participate, then why are you complaining?     

          Carroll is looking into the Honolulu Charter Commission, that meets every ten years.   According to their website, "The Honolulu Charter Commission is an appointed board which meets every ten years to study and review City government operations in the City Charter, the "Constitution" of the City and County of Honolulu.   The Commission may propose amendments to the Honolulu City Charter which, as the City’s ”constitution,” lays out the foundation, structure, and operations of city government. "   Mayor Caldwell appointed many of the members of the commission, including David Rae, who he named chairman.     According to the website, David Rae worked "with one of Hawaii's largest private landowners to develop the City of Kapolei".    However, the document  does not mention the company by name, even though the backgrounds of other members  specifically named their places of employment.   David Rae worked for Kapolei Properties, part of the James Campbell companies which developed a portion of Kapolei.  Why did the document not specifically state that Rae worked for a James Campbell Estate company?    David Rae was involved with several City Councilmembers who were investigated for taking gifts.   Could Rae's appointment cause other conflicts of interest?  

          Kim Duffett calls in to discuss a project to restore and landscape the Gandhi statue in Waikiki.   The statue is located at the beginning of Kapiolani Park, just off Kalakaua Avenue, under the huge banyon tree.   It should be noted the tree was donated by the people of India.   The Watamulls of Hawaii commissioned the statue.    For more information, to see pictures of the statue, and to help, visit their website at gandhistatuewaikiki.com.  

          Carroll notes smoke and sound from aerial fireworks can seriously affect others.  Even though banned, we still see too many aerials every year.  It's time to be considerate and think about who is being hurt by the display.   

          Finally, Carroll notes the H-Power / Covanta issues reported in the city's audit, and previously talked about by Carroll,  are being investigated. Carroll filed a formal complaint, and will continue providing updates.    He also talks about a consulting company hired by Covanta that illustrates some of the problems with H-Power's management and their plans to process white goods.     When Carroll asked the city questions regarding Covanta he was told he had to talk to Covanta, even though H-Power is a city project.    


          Link here to Carroll's comments about the audit, including a link to the AUDIT OF THE DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES'  H-POWER CONTRACTS AND PROCUREMENT PRACTICES dated December 2015.    Also, listen to Carroll's past shows in November and December for more information.


          Link here to Carroll's discussion regarding the Charter Commission on the John Nolan Show, Monday, December 28.














                                                               Wild,  and on the edge





        These, and other kittens like them, are looking for a home.  Ages range from 3 to 12 months.  

        They have been neutered or spayed, and they are litter box trained.   Now, all  they need is your love.  Who can resist a new kitten?


        To adopt, call Carroll at 782-6627, or email carroll@carrollcox.com.     

        Carroll announces he is a regular guest on the John Nolan Show  from 6 - 7 p.m. on KWAI 1080 AM.  Listen and call in!
        Carroll continues his discussion about local issues on O'lelo Public Television, Channel 54.  
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