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   SUNDAY, December 16, 2012


          Carroll's guest is Gary Hooser, former
          State Senator from Kauai and now elected to the Kauai County Council.  They talk about the PLDC and Governor Abercrombie's  secret proclamation of June, 2011, declaring a state of emergency and suspending state statutes protecting the environment, historic sites,  public access to recreation areas, and environmental policies.   (Link here to Carroll's original discussion on 9/11/11.)

          After a caller's question, Gary talks about similar issues that came up with the Superferry, the faulty business plan, and how environmental laws were bypassed.  Things cannot be fast tracked!

          Gary is asking the Legislature to repeal Act 1555 regarding the PLDC, and to require more notice time for public meetings so the public can attend and express its concerns or support.   Gary also talks about how  people can make a difference in government by talking with their elected representatives.  He urges people to get involved and get engaged.

          Gary's website is at garyhooser.com.

          Link to the Governor's emergency proclamation here

          The second hour Carroll talks with a resident of Hauula about flooding due to the lack of stream maintenance.  The State recently installed a valve, commonly known as a "duckbill" , in a failed attempt to direct stream water into the ocean.    The stream is now backed up, stagnant and scummy,  fish are dying, and just a little rain may cause flooding.  The duckbill  valve is surrounded by built-up sand, pushed ashore by wave action  on a daily basis.  It needs to be cleared every few days so the valve can open. (Link here for pictures and stories).




                        No relief - government just makes matters worse



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