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   SUNDAY, December 15, 2013



        Once again our Honolulu City Council has disappointed us.

        Carroll's guests, Jane Pascual  and Steve Lohse, are back to continue their discussion about the sale of Honolulu's affordable housing and what happened to the resolutions to stop the sale at the City Council meeting earlier this week.  (See our show of 12/8/13.)    The City Council agreed to "defer" the resolutions for discussion at a later time.  The sale is scheduled to close in March, 2014, and if nothing is done, the resolutions will expire.   What happens now?  

        Former City Council member Rod Tam joins the discussion to discuss political processes and options.   He says the City Council should not just defer the bill,  they  should be making a recommendation for action.    (Also view documents and listen to our 6/9/13 show with Rod Tam.)

        Steve Lohse notes the sale is not the win-win situation Mayor Caldwell claims it to be.  The tenants are going to lose if the sales goes through.   If rents increase 10 percent a year, as proposed under the sale, no one,  including the low-income renters, will be able to afford their units.   Steve and Jane note that the sale of city property will not fix the affordable housing problem.   The sale is not the problem, it is the process that is broken.    They also note that current residents are being forced out.  The mixed-income structure of the properties will collapse, turning the buildings into "projects"  to the detriment of the communities.

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