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   SUNDAY, June 9, 2013


          Carroll  and  former City Councilman Rod Tam  talk about tax credits, affordable housing, and behind the scene politics.  They tell us how City Councilman Ernie Martin, Mayor Kirk Caldwell and former Mayor Mufi Hannemann are behind a big money giveaway with little or no oversight.  The City's Ethics Commission chooses whom to investigate, and this group of politicians is not in their sights.   

          Carroll and Rod also talk about the current proposal of tax credits to be used to sell city-owned affordable housing and their impact on the future of housing.    Rod Tam, when he was a city council member, proposed legislation to take care of affordable housing.   His ideas were shot down and affordable housing is now in crisis mode.  Unfortunately, many so-called "advocates" do not talk to the homeless.    Rod Tam wants to help with issues, including housing, the homeless, and camping on sidewalks.  Call him at 216-5454.

          Link here to the City Council resolution for affordable housing projects.

          Link here to a letter to the City Council regarding Honolulu Affordable Housing Preservation Initiative

          The second hour Carroll talks with Dr. Elizabeth MacNeill, the Tuberculosis Physician with the Hawaii State Department of Health.    Dr. MacNeill notes that world health officials thought tuberculosis was going away, but whenever government stops spending money to prevent it, it seems to come back.  TB, a bacterial infection,  is not just limited to the lungs.  It can get into your brain, bones, kidneys, and just about anywhere else in your body.   In most cases, you can become infected with TB by being around someone with TB for a long period of time in confined areas,  not from casual interactions with the public.  The very young, the very old, and others with weakened immune systems are more likely to get it from family members and others close to them, while living in a closed environment.   About nine million people worldwide currently have TB.   Fresh air, good nutrition, medication and rest will help cure TB, but more research is needed for earlier diagnosis and treatment to help prevent the spread, and for better treatment for those with serious cases.   There is no vaccine for TB.    If you feel you may be at risk or need to be tested, call the Department of Health at 832-5731. There test site is located at 1700 Lanikila, in Kalili.       Link here for more information  from the Hawaii State Dept. of Health.





                            Same old story, same old problems!

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