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   SUNDAY, December 3, 2017


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    December 3, 2017,   Honolulu, Hawaii.   

    Carroll talks with callers from North Carolina about how poor the bus service is in their particular area, causing people to miss appointments and work.  Some have even lost their jobs.     The caller says the reason is, the community is low-income and is being ignored by the government.  Hawaii is not the only one with problems.  



                                                                             Protesting Bus Route 204 in North Carolina  



    The second hour Carroll brings us up to date on the fishing vessel, Pacific Paradise, still stuck on the reef off Waikiki.    He also talks about Suzanne Case and the Department of Land and Natural Resources'  proposal to get rid of cats at the state's harbors.    

    Yes, cats in the wild propose a risk to native species,  and something needs to be done.  But, inhumane treatment, particularly  DLNR's proposal to kill cats, is not the solution.   How the cats get  into the wild is a big part of the problem.    People are constantly dumping their unwanted cats at established colonies, so the cats' caretakers have a big job trapping, neutering, returning and managing them (TNRM program).  

    Apparently, DLNR's so far unapproved proposal to remove cats from the harbor, including killing them,  has led to park personnel removing the cats' water bowls and feeders from Sand Island  Park.  The park personnel claim they cause mosquitoes and rats.   But, just maybe, it is the big piles of trash and tree waste causing rats and mosquitoes!   There is no sign saying it is illegal to feed the cats, but there is a sign saying "no smoking" in the park.   Yet, even the park manager has been seen smoking.   Check that one out.   A caller notes  "fixed" cats are doing more good  than harm and discusses the issues.  

                                         STILL THERE!                                         Will it move today?    Who will pay?


                                                                                    LINK HERE TO VIDEO OF VESSEL ON REEF












                                                                     PROUD BIRD











      These, and other kittens like them, are looking for a home.  Ages range from 3 to 12 months.  

      They have been neutered or spayed, and they are litter box trained.   Now, all  they need is your love.  Who can resist a new kitten?


      To adopt, call Carroll at 782-6627, or email carroll@carrollcox.com.     

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