Carroll is hosting a bi-weekly talk show, Eyes on Hawaii,  on Thinktech Hawaii.  The show streams live every other Tuesday at 12 noon, on their website  


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10/24/17 - A West Side Renaissance - Mr. Micah Doane, Founder of Protectors of Paradise, and Mr. Jonathan Doane, Director of Protectors of Paradise,  talk about their organization's efforts to educate and raise the awareness of people to help combat illegal dumping, the destruction of Natural and cultural sites, and the protection of plants and animals in Hawaii.



10/10/17 - Directives Bring Hardships - Mr. Dave Moskowitz, Community and Rights advocate, joins Carroll Cox to talk about President Donald Trump's directives that will allow employers to opt out of no-cost birth control and issue religious-freedom directions to override anti-discrimination protection.



09/26/17 - Carroll  and guest, Mr. Donal Phillippi, discuss the Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Boating and Recreation's existing and proposed rules in state boat harbors.



08/29/17 - Honoring Joe Lukela Konohiki  with Denis and Sandra Park.  



08/16/17 - Carroll discusses Procurement Woes, and PSI's bankruptcy after defaulting on a number of contracts.



08/01/17 - Ms. Cathy Goegell, president and founder of Animal Rights Hawaii, appears on Eyes on Hawaii with Carroll Cox to address the proposed Administrative Rule change regarding cats at harbors throughout Hawai'i.



07/18/17 - Trap, Neuter, Release or Return.  Carroll's guest is Jennifer Kishimori, President of Cat Friends



  06/06/17 - Safety Concerns at the State Boat Harbors.  Carroll's guest is Don Burns.



  05/23/17 - Financial Accountability.   Carroll's guest is Rod Tam.



  05/02/2017 - Advocating for the Environment and the Community - Genard Frazier from O`okala on the Big Island, and Bridget Hammerquist from Koloa, Kauai. 



04/25/27 - Carroll's Guest Is Cathy Goeggel, President and founder of Animal Rights Hawaii.

     04/11/17 04/11/17 -    Today's guest is Zeenat Mian, advocate for the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal.




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