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   SUNDAY, November 25, 2012


          Carroll  talks about issues of the day including the elections, appointments and activities at the DLNR, the Humane Society, and the PLDC protests after the public finally found out it  existed and what it is up to.

          Many of the problems point back to the Abercrombie administration of misdirection and corruption, such as the suspension of environmental laws and requests to increase height limits in Kakaako.   So many things, such as the PLDC, are hidden from public view.  Now Abercrombie says he will listen to the public regarding the PLDC.  When has that ever worked?

          Callers discuss their disappointment in the Abercrombie administration and other frustrations.

          Caroll talks about "taking back America" and Cloudia Charters shares her thoughts about the "takers" (listen at www.hawaiitalking.com).  

          The final topic is the Hawaiian Humane Society and the hold they have over Hawaii's government to the detriment of the cat and dog population and other organizations    They also increased fees to neuter feral cats from $5 to $25,  discouraging the Trap, Neuter, and Release program.   City Councilman Tom Berg is now trying to pass Bill 57 relating to animal control laws.  


        Beautiful but deceiving.


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