SUNDAY, November 18, 2012



          Carroll and  guest Glenn Shiroma talk about the PLDC  (Public Land Development Corporation), and problems with the approval process.  Glenn believes the process is faulty and is being rushed.   He says Act 55 gives the PLDC  too much power and they are not following the rule process.  He tells us how and why.      Carroll says there is no transparency, documents are hard to get,  and we won't know what we don't know.     

          See attached documents:   1)  Memo from PLDC requesting a hearing  and 2)  Notice to the Public

          The second hour Carroll talks about big business running big government, and illustrates with a discussion about the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill.    He also wonders why so many projects are poorly designed and/or executed,  then redone.    Why isn't roadwork coordinated among agencies instead of the same road torn up over and over again?    Why are there so many consultants and studies, and so little project oversight? Sadly, government is no longer for the people.  The PLDC will just add more obstacles and another layer of problems.    



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