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   SUNDAY, November 11, 2012



          Lame excuses and  explanations about ballot miscalculations  presented by Scott Nago, head of the Elections Commission, and various news outlets such as the Star Advertiser, just do not cut it.  Carroll and guest Marsha Joyner explore the "right to vote" in more detail.    

          It is a fact, the right to vote here in Hawaii has been impeded and cannot be tolerated. Voter registration cutoff was a month before elections, so officials knew how many ballots to print.   It is a federal offense to tamper with devices to vote, and this includes paper ballots.   An apology is not enough.  Nago should have immediately resigned and a full investigation  initiated.   Why are we still sitting on this?

          There are a lot of stories regarding ballot problems.  One polling place called at 1 p.m. but waited over an hour on the phone to talk to someone.   Many polling places waited hours for more ballots, received wrong ballots, or did not receive anything  at all.  Considering the many voting problems, one caller wonders if absentee and early voters are accurately tracked so they cannot vote again.   

          Carroll was turned down when requesting an interview with election officials, so he sent a list of  just a few of the many questions he has to Scott Nago  (see attached).   

          Link here  for more information including a link to Nago's statement, the training manual for election workers and a list of polling places missing ballots.  

          Link here for the Office of Elections' website.



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