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   SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2013


        Carroll follows up with comments and more questions about the computer contracts the Honolulu Board of Water Supply (HBWS) gave to UTC-10 Consulting, LLC and its subcontractors EMA Consulting and Stepp Consulting Inc. for its new computer systems.    The HBWS has now locked up their files, locked their doors,  and  started "hunting for the rat" in the organization.     

        Carroll's guest today is Helen Wai, a long-time consultant for financial literacy.   She talks about how she is being harassed and intimidated by Robin Danner, Policy Chair for the Sovereign Councils of Hawaiian Homelands Assembly (SCHHA), regarding  the contract she recently receive from the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) to  consult with beneficiaries regarding lease problems and foreclosures.  This is something she has had many years of experience with, both as a private consultant, and by working for an organization run by Robin Danner between 2007 and 2011.    Danner, a private citizen, now claims Wai was not qualified to do the work,  so she contacted  the Regulated Industries Compliant Office (RICO), a government agency.  Danner claims RICO recommended  she investigate and write letters to Helen Wai about her contract, demanding she deactivate her real estate license and provide documentation regarding business activities relating to the services she provides homeowners with distressed mortgages.     First, can a government agency grant such authority to an individual?   Second,  the company that competed for the DHHL contract had ties with Robin Danner.   

          One of Danner's complaints was that Wai worked from a home office.   Interestingly, we were told this is Danner's office at Kumu Camp on Kaui.



        Helen Wai informs us that, as a result of Danner's letter, she lost her job with UH West Oahu because someone sent a copy to UH.   Helen Wai's lawyer sent a letter to Danner asking her to immediately cease and desist from making false statements, provide a list of recipients of her letters, and retract her statements in writing.   Helen Wai says she has not received Danner's response to the lawyer's letter.    We asked Danner to participate in our show today, but she stated she is traveling and is not available.    Who received Danner's letters, and what has happened to due process of law?   We believe this situation violates the right of due process.  Something is terribly wrong if a government agency has allowed what Danner claims.   We are now asking for a letter from RICO to set the record straight.



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