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   SUNDAY, November 4, 2012


          Carroll's guest is Terri Peake.    In the 80's she went to Hollywood to become an actress.    At the request of Penthouse Magazine, she had silicone breast implants in order to appear in their magazine.   Shortly after that she started experiencing joint pain,  serious "brain fog", COPD, and other painful conditions, but didn't know why.  Also, scar tissue was forming, causing hardening of the breasts.  In the late 90's it was finally disclosed by the manufacturer that silicone saline implants were causing problems.    After hearing this, she had her implants removed and analyzed at her own expense.  But, after that she went through years of  continuing pain and personal expense, as well as many problems and road blocks trying to prove her implants were the cause of her many illnesses.   Her doctor was not cooperating, the lab misplaced the implants, and Dow Corning was putting claimants through multiple hoops before making any payouts.  (See the attached documents- a few of the hundreds of pages involved in the claim process.)      Marcia Joyner also joins the conversation to tell us her experiences with implants, finding cancer only after they were removed, and then having to go through a mastectomy.    Check out the many support sites on the web for more information, such as the saline support group   and   breastimplantsupport.org   

          Terri is still struggling to get better and resolve the situation.  If you have questions or just want to talk and share, you can call her at 285-3527, or email Terri at  tpeake98@yahoo.com. She is also available for public speaking engagements.

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