SUNDAY, October 16, 2011



      Carroll talks with William Hoshijo from the State Civil Rights Commission about unemployment and job discrimination.  The commission is responsible for investigating and enforcing fair employment and fair housing laws.   As with other agencies, the commission has been cut to only 8 investigators.  Is the government motivated to provide enough funding for the commission to be effective, particularly during this time of high unemployment?  Doing more with less has its limitations, but they are working hard to keep up.

      If you have been a victim of discrimination within the last 180 days, call 586-8636.   For more information visit their website at http://hawaii.gov/labor/hcrc or email dlir.hcrc.infor@hawaii.gov.

      Carroll also discusses concerns brought up by residents of Molokai where the issue is the large number of escort boats coming to Molokai to fish and take resources during and after paddling events.    Instead of resorting to violence over fishing rights, Carroll suggests they contact DLNR, or the Coast Guard, and file a formal complaint.




      On the shore

      A reflection


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