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   SUNDAY, October 9, 2016


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        October 9, 2016,   Honolulu, Hawaii.   

        This week Attorney Jan Weinberg once again sits in as host of The Carroll Cox Show.  The first hour's guests are Keli'i Akina, Ph.D., running for OHA Trustee-at-large, and Mililani Trask, running for OHA Trustee for the Big Island.   Akina and Trask tell us there are problems with the current OHA trustees and they need to be replaced to make things work.  They tell us, "it's time for new leadership", and why.     Trask and Akina tell us the decades of failed policies, and the fraud, waste and abuse at OHA, have prevented OHA from meeting the real needs of the Hawaiian people.  They explain the mission of OHA is to work for housing, education, jobs and healthcare that will  meet the needs of the people.  The elected trustees are there to manage the assets owned by the Hawaiian people.  However, Trask and Akina tell us much of the money is used on staff, travel, and "nation building" that, according to polls,  most Hawaiian's do not want.   OHA has refused to release their audit so people can see where the money is going, and, per Trask, OHA may run out of funds in the next eight or nine years if things continue the way they are.

        OHA is a state agency, and anyone can vote for trustees.  Trask and Akina are asking for your vote on November 8 so they can initialize a new audit to bring public accountability and transparency back to OHA.  If elected they will help form a new majority to make things right.    For more information Keli'i Akina's website is www.keliiakina.com   

        The second hour Jan's guests are attorneys Michael Stern and Steve Hisaka.  They specialize in personal injury cases, and tell us why it is important to hire a lawyer if you are injured.     It is good to know what will happen and what you need to do before an accident occurs.  For example, if you are able, document as much as you can, take pictures of the details, and find out how to contact witnesses.  The lawyers tell us not to make a statement to the other party's insurance company, and to even be careful about what you say to your insurance company until you talk to a lawyer, particularly for major cases.  They discuss what to do if you are involved in automobile accidents, slip and fall cases, or construction site accidents.   



        Keli'i Akina and Mililani Trask
        running for OHA Trustees  

                                Attorneys Michael Stern, Steve Hisaka and Jan Weinberg




























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