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   SUNDAY, August 21, 2016


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          August 21, 2016, Honolulu, Hawaii.  
          Carroll's guests are attorneys Jan Weinberg  and John Carroll, who is also running for the United States Senate.    John Carroll  is concerned about the Jones Act's effect on the economy of Hawaii and wants to amend the act to allow open shipping to Hawaii.  Currently, items from Asia are shipped to California, then shipped from there to Hawaii.  This increases the end cost consumers must pay for all goods.   It also goes both ways.  If Hawaii can ship things like papaya and melon to other countries, it would be good business.     One of John Carroll's top concerns is government and insurance companies trying to control an individual's health care.  He speaks from personal experience and wants to become a senator so he can fix it.
          Another of John's concerns is the war we are currently in.   John notes we cannot identify the enemy, where they are coming from,  and who they are.  He wants to establish ways to find out how people are radicalized and destroy that.   He also wants to look at every government activity, particularly in the military,  to determine if they are useful or not.  He also is concerned about the government's role in education, believing schools should be run on the local level, within each school district.  
          A caller asks John Carroll about his position on the military and on the environment, particularly pollution from military bases.   John introduced environmental protection laws when he was in the State Senate and will continue his efforts in the U.S. Senate.     John Carroll also says it is important the United States is number one in defense capability.   John's position on rail is that it should not exist how it has been planned and  how it is now.
          John Carroll talks story about common sense, his life, his age, his experiences, and how they influence his goals.  
          Check out his website at www.carroll4senate.com



          The second hour Carroll talks about the Hawaii Department of Health's handling of Hepatitis A,  food safety and other issues.   Carroll tells us it appears the DOH is out to protect business friends, not the consumer.   Carroll notes Genki Sushi was never talked about over the several months of investigation even though it appears the DOH was investigating their business.   The first press release about 12 cases of Hepatitis A came out in July, but the DOH has been investigating a possible problem since April.   Since July, other food service business names, such as Baskin Robins,  were published after one of their workers had Hepatitis A.    Why were they targeted and not Genki Sushi?
          Carroll also tells us how Genki Sushi workers cleaned up their places of business after Genki Sushi was closed by DOH, but did not wear protective gear or take precautions with what was discarded, including what may be bags containing toxic waste that were put into dumpsters, or possibly taken home.    There is a certain protocol, enforced by DOH, that must be followed when cleaning up toxic sites.    
           If you look at the FDA website, they list all food imports that come in, and what shipments were rejected due to filth or other issues.   However, the rejected shipments are sometimes sent to other ports where they are accepted and put into circulation.  So, exposure to toxic products is very possible and consumer protection is not what we think.   The people Carroll talked to at DOH said they did not know about the FDA website.    Also, when Carroll asked, he was told state inspectors were not  required to be vaccinated for Hepatitis A, or anything else.  
          Jan Weinberg notes a mainland law firm may be coming to pursue tainted food cases in Hawaii, and that will bring out more information.  
          Carroll talks about fish smoked with carbon dioxide to make it look fresh, and the problems with that.  Several years ago, Carroll filed a law suits in the courts against  major grocery chains, having  them agree to label fish smoked with carbon dioxide.   On Carroll's 11/9/08 show, and a number of shows after that,  he talked about issues with fish and food security.  Carroll notes the state needs to be more vigilant to protect consumers' health.












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          Join Carroll on www.envirowatch.org to view some of the environmental and corruption issues he investigated, and resolved, in the past.  You will also find him on facebook.  


        Carroll continues his discussion about local issues on Olelo Public Television, Channel 54.  
        Link here to a list of his shows.  They can also be viewed on  Olelo video on demand.  












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