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   SUNDAY, October 7, 2012



          Carroll's guests the first hour are Andrew Jamilla from the Waimanalo Neighborhood Board and Shelly Teixeira-Vickery, a long-time resident of the community. They talk about gun fire and bombing  from military training at Bellows  going on far into the night.   Also, Shelly's house borders the base and she worries about her children hearing vulgar language used in cadence  as soldiers pass by.  Although they understand and support  military training, citizens on the Windward side are asking the military to try and cut back their hours to a more reasonable time and have consideration for their neighbors.   

          The second hour Carroll's guest is Cloudia Charters.  They talk about what is special about living in Hawaii.   Cloudia's book, ALOHA - Where You Like Go!   is recommended for tourists to help them get out of Waikiki and find the real Hawaii.  Locals will also enjoy reading about, and even discovering new things about Hawaii.  Find her book at Bookends, across from Whole Foods in Kailua, or online  (link here to find her book).    Also, visit her Comfort Spiral website - where she posts pictures and words to inspire and make your day.

          Finally, Chelsea called in about a kitten she found in her yard.  She is looking for someone to provide a loving home for this beautiful cat, about 7 weeks old.   Call her at 840-9541.    




        Picture courtesy Cloudia Charters


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