SUNDAY, September 23, 2012



          Carroll's guests are Malia Delapenia and Gina Snowden.  They talk about the upcoming  Annual Hawaii Belly Dance Festival from October 12 thru 16 at various venues throughout Honolulu.  Looks like fun, and great exercise!  The festival will kick off with a "Shimmy Showcase" at the Doris Duke Theatre on Friday,October 12.  Link here for more information and a schedule of events.      You can also call 234-1006 for information.  


          The second hour Carroll continues his discussion regarding development of Hawaiian Home's land in Nanakuli   (see our show 8/26/12).  One of the issues is the fact that  the development is accepting federal funds so they cannot discriminate and only sell to Hawaiians.   Carroll plays a tape of a conversation between a Hawaiian who is concerned about non-Hawaiians getting access to home land property and Kali Watson who is involved in the Nanakuli development.   Kali Watson reassures her,  saying he believes in preferences even though he cannot, by law, discriminate.   Carroll recovered documents regarding leases in Nanakuli involving Mr. Watson (see attached).  He also talks about the complicated relationship between all parties concerned with the development, including lessors, lessees and beneficiaries.  





        Malia teaches belly dancing and yoga - great exercise!
        Just ask Gina, her student!

        Malia's website is maliadelapenia.com


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