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   SUNDAY, September 22, 2013



        Carroll's guest is Louie "The Fish" Denolfo.   The show starts with a harmonica solo by Louie.  He then plays his song, "The Molasses Blues", first sung as an improv on HawaiiNewsNow as part of their "Molasses Disaster" story.    

        Louie and his son, Captain Joaquin Denolfo,  run a world renowned fly and bone fishing guide service in Keehi Lagoon. They witnessed, first hand, what happened after the spill.  They also walked the "flats"  with Carroll, documenting  the magnitude of dead fish in the lagoon.    Besides tens of thousands of dead fish and crabs, they found fish gasping for air due to lack of oxygen in the water,  and many hungry fish because food sources were covered with molasses.  (See more pictures here.)


        Louie "The Fish"  casts his fly rod and finds a hungry bone fish

        Carroll,  Louie "The Fish", and callers continue with a discussion about DLNR's enforcement problems and the failure of our government and the courts to protect the fisheries and the environment.  

        The Denolfos' websites  are www.louiethefish.com and www.bonefishhonolulu.com. They are also involved in the organization, Trout Unlimited, and sell their traditional hand-carved bone jewelry.  They can be reached at 808-741-5622.


        The second hour Carroll talks more about computer and customer support problems at the Board of Water Supply, and the shocking information he recently uncovered.    It is so bad Carroll calls for an investigation of fraud.

        The last topic is, what exactly is the definition of environmental justice, particularly in reference to all the discussion going on about the Hawaii Kai Marina sludge dumped in Waianae.  By issuing permits, then walking away, it is the Army Corps of Engineers and DLNR that are responsible, not the people of Hawaii Kai.    Where were the government and politicians in August, when they first received complaints from Waianae?    Only after the H-1 spill, and Carroll filing his complaint on September 5, did things start to happen.  Link here to our September 8 show, which includes copies of permits, emails and other documentation that started the ball rolling.







                                                              NO TANKS,  MATSON!

      These are Matson's tanks where the molasses is stored at Honolulu Harbor,
       and fish struggling to breath in water saturated with molasses.  Link here for more pictures.



                                                 Up to their gills in molasses


                             Gasping fish,  desperately looking for oxygen    

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