SUNDAY, September 9, 2012



          Carroll and Marsha Joyner talk about the right and privilege of voting, and how to register to vote.  It is now easier than ever.  You can even vote using absentee mail-in ballots, so you do not need to leave your house and stand in line on election day!   This also gives you more time to think about what is on the ballot.

          Glen Takahashi from the elections office  answers questions such as how the homeless can register to vote.   Also, the office will work with you if you do not have an official ID.     The registration deadline  is October 8 for  the November 6 election.  Post offices and libraries have registration  forms. Call the elections office at 768-3800 for more voter information.  

          Carroll and callers continue discussion regarding problems with politics, political parties, and empty chairs.

          Yesterday Kaneohe residents were startled by explosions at the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base.  Turns out they were testing special effects for the upcoming Blue Angels' Air Show. The Department of Health Clean Air Branch granted permission for "open burning"  from  "simulated bomb blasts and fires", with both testing and the show to occur between September 24 and September 30.  The application submitted by the marines indicated the show "will not result in emissions to the atmosphere from combustion of fossil fuels or generate fugitive dust". The application  also indicated 4,000 gallons (in a handwritten correction) of MOGAS would be ignited, but it is not clear if that was for each individual  test and show, or altogether.   (Link here for the documentation).



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