SUNDAY, August 28, 2011



      Carroll talks with Lucy Gay and Poka Laenui about KAHEA - the Hawaiian Environmental Alliance, and what is happening on the westside of Oahu.   

      KAHEA is a community-based organization working to improve the quality of life for Hawaii's people and future generations through the revitalization and protection of Hawaii's unique natural and cultural resources.   Lucy is the Director of Waianae Educational Opportunity.  Poka, a long-time resident of the westside,  is radio host of the Hawaiian Potpourri show on KWAI 1080 AM.  

      KAHEA  is up against big developers who have big bucks.  They deparately need your help.  Please visit their web site www.kahea.org.

      Carroll also talks about Governor Neil Abercrombie and the "promises" he made during his campaign.   Because of the Laura Thielen/Mark Young  DLNR fiasco under Lingle, Carroll  asked Abercrombie what he would be doing with DLNR.  Abercrombie said he understood the plight of our natural resources and would take quick action to address DLNR's law enforcement issues.  To date nothing has been done.  DLNR is now chaired by William Aila.  Mark Young's position as head of law enforcement is filled temporarily by a worker from Maui, Mr. Randy Awo, who is paid per diem to work on Oahu - a high price when our government is out of money.  Things have gone from bad to worse....    (We discussed Thielen/Young during our show of 11/21/10)

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      Graffiti says it all

      Governor Neil Abercrombie