SUNDAY, August 19, 2012


      The topic today is THE BUS -- and the people speak up!   Carroll and guests Barbra Armentrout, spokesperson for the No. 14 Bus petition,  and  Richard Deconti from CFADAR (Citizens for a Fair ADA Ride),  lead the discussion, exposing some of the issues affecting the community.    They talk about problems the disabled have getting around on the Handi-van, and all of us on The Bus, particularly after the recent service cuts.   They asked government agencies if bus money has been, or will be, diverted to rail, but they have not received any answers - yes or no.    Dialysis patients have a major problem when handi-van that is often late, and sometimes broken,  cause them to miss some or all of their appointment time.   A caller tells us the new St. Louis Heights route goes to Kahala Mall, but there is no route back.   DOT did not listen to the communities' concerns at  scheduled (but not well publicized) DOT meetings.   DOT also refused to attend a community meeting after they found out O'lelo would be taping it.   Handi-van supporters were told "not to make waves".    Many callers talk about their frustrations and concerns with long waits, longer commutes, and standing room only.    If fares were raised, or The  Bus was given more money, would it be diverted to rail?   Listen for stories illustrating the problems that  "politics as usual" play in the process.  





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