SUNDAY, August 12, 2012


      Carroll talks about "private scrap haulers" who pick up refrigerators, stoves, etc. ahead of the city bulky item pickup team.  You see them all the time, driving around with appliances stacked in the truck bed, barely hanging on.  We have even seen a commercial freezer unit fall off the back of a truck going around a corner.   Also, the scrappers park along the road and cut up hoses and parts, dumping broken glass, oil and other chemicals along the curb.  Last week a city worker in an official truck was confronted by one of the haulers, who called the police claiming the city worker was stealing an appliance from him.  So, who's the thief?   We see a lot of scrappers on the road.  Why is this allowed to continue?   


      Danger on the road


      Would you follow this?

      Carroll also talks with callers about a number of other issues including politics,  animal rights, sea turtles and monk seals.

      Do you think there are too many seals around the main Hawaiian islands, and they are depleting our fish population?   Look here and think again.



        Hey monk seal - now they want to eat me and shoot you!  

                           Hey turtle - I heard them say you taste like chicken!


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