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        Carroll continued his research about the trucking of contaminated materials found at Radford High School, first discussed during his show of 7/26/15 and on HawaiiNewsNow.   He now  talks about the problems of unequal justice handed out by the Hawaii State government.  If you are the "little man" you will be the one indicted, not the big businesses who donate to campaigns or lobby politicians.   

        Carroll tells us about the Notice of Violation (NOV) issued to several small trucking companies who were subcontracted to haul materials excavated from the Radford High School field and later charged with a crime.   The NOV states the trucking companies illegally transported contaminated dirt from a Department of Education project at Radford High School to a  D.R. Horton housing development in Kapolei and at least two other places. Based on documents Carroll recovered from the State Department of Health and other agencies, in this particular case the truckers were unjustly charged.   Based on the documents, Carroll tells us the agencies and contractors responsible for the project manipulated facts to cover up their incompetence after contaminated materials were first discovered.  They should  be the ones to be charged, not the truckers.  

        Basically, the documents show the truckers did not know the soil was contaminated.  Not only that, when hauling contaminated materials, the truckers need to be informed so they can take protective actions.  The trucking companies were not informed, thus exposing the truckers  to potentially harmful toxins.   Now, more than one year after they completed their job, they have been charged with a crime.  Carroll walks us through the timeline of what occurred,  per the documents he recovered.  He shows us why the truckers were not responsible for the problems.    Carroll  says he will be writing the governor to tell him the truckers were wrongfully charged, and the real culprits should be fired and jailed.   The whole situation is a blatant example of conspiracy in action.    






          The ground where children play is littered with pieces of glass and other sharp objects

          Makalapa Elementary School Field, next to Radford High School
















                                                       Cover up





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