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   SUNDAY, June 28, 2015


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        Carroll talks about sea cucumbers.   A recent picture of a rubber raft of sea cucumbers caused a lot of consternation.  The Board of Land and Natural Resources immediately reacted, turning the situation into a witch hunt and passing laws against the take of sea cucumbers.  The appointment of Suzanne Case to head of the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), after her previous job at Nature Conservancy, has opened the doors to nonprofit organizations "taking over"  DLNR.   This is the problem.  As environmentalists, they may mean well, but taking over a state agency, and not letting long-time state employees do their jobs, does not help.    The new emergency ruling to immediately ban the take of sea cucumbers is nothing but show.   Carroll explains the many reasons why.    

        Sea cucumbers have been taken for years under a permit issued by the state.  Where has the DLNR been if only now it is a problem, and that problem was caused by a facebook picture?   Is it because the picture showed Polynesians taking sea cucumbers?  Now, they, and others,  have a lot of sea cucumbers taken under license that they cannot do anything with because the new law states they cannot possess them.  Not only that, a licensed and legal shipment from Maui was held up at Young Brothers, Oahu, waiting for employees from a cash strapped community enforcement unit to come to Oahu and stage an investigation while officers assigned to Oahu could have done the job.     (See Carroll's story about McGilvray and the CFEU.)  

        We believe Ms. Case and DLNR owe anyone impacted by this event an apology and return of their fishing license because this was a staged incident.


        Link here to Department of Land and Natural Resources Press Release regarding ban.







        Chairperson  Suzanne Case





             The Board of Land and Natural Resources - getting ready to ban the take of sea cucumbers.


        On his March 8, 2015 show, Carroll talked about problems with Frazer McGilvray's waste of taxpayer money and abuse of employees at the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR).  McGilvray is no longer employed by DLNR, but the new administration is reportededly considering rehiring him as the Department of Aquatic Resources Administrator.    On June 23, 2015,  HawaiiNewsNow featured a story about DLNR's problems with McGilvray.   Link here to the story.    Also, for more information read Carroll's March 24, 2015 article about McGilvray's abuse of position.  

        The story also includes information about the North Maui Community Fisheries Enforcement Unit (NMCFEU) of DLNR.








                                  Sea cucumber in action






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