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   SUNDAY, July 17, 2016


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          July 17, 2016, Honolulu, Hawaii.  
          The first hour Carroll  and callers debate racial issues, black history, social justice, hate crimes, civil rights, human rights, and life in general.  
          The second hour Carroll's guest is John A. Kilpatrick Ph.D., an economist with Greenfield Advisors, a global real estate consulting firm.  They specialize in assessing the economic impacts of businesses on communities. John Kilpatrick has worked on the Exxon Valdez and BP oil spills, so he has a lot of experience with environmental problems.  Today they discuss the economic impacts of the proposed industrial dairy farm on Kauai.  This week he met with the citizens and business leaders of Kauai to share information regarding the impact on the property values.   The real issue is pollution, particularly manure from such a large herd of cattle.  There will be problems with drinking water, odor, dust, diseases and biting flies scattered over many miles, including tourist locations and communities of homes.  But, not only will homes in the immediate vicinity be impacted.   Due to the possible devaluation of the properties, and a shortfall of tax collections in the immediate area, the county will need to raise taxes on other properties, including Princeville on the north shore.   So, everyone will be affected by the dairy.  
          Bridget Hammerquist calls in to clarify health risk issues generated by industrial dairies.  She tells us about some serious health issues occurring  around a dairy farm in Texas.  There are also hormonal issues that will affect the coral reefs and ocean species.  
           Visit www.friendsofmahaulepu.org for more information and to comment on the issues.   
          John Kilpatrick also tells us about an apple orchard in Washington state that was negatively impacted by a multitude of flies carrying manure on their feet from a feed lot several miles away.  He also tells us about a Mississippi chicken farm where waste went into a holding pond.  A rainstorm caused the pond to overflow.  Waste flowed onto property as far as 11 miles away.  
          An economic impact study has not been prepared for the proposed dairy.  John Kilpatrick notes tax revenues may be offset by tax credits, so that will have little impact.  Nothing has been addressed regarding property, tourism or job impacts.   These are important and should be accounted for in any study.   Furthermore, there have not been any remediation packages proposed regarding environmental and economic impacts that will help the community.    
          Link here to John Kilpatrick's Friends of Mahaulepu presentation on July 14, 2016

          Carroll tells us the Board of Water Supply misplaced the meter readings for more then 4,500 homes in Waipahu/Village Park area, so their bills showed "estimated" usage.   Looks like they are still have billing problems, so check your bills carefully.
          Link her to Carroll's questions, and the answers provided by the Board of Water Supply.



















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        Carroll continues his discussion about local issues on Olelo Public Television, Channel 54.  
        Link here to a list of his shows.  They can also be viewed on  Olelo video on demand  












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