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   SUNDAY, July 10, 2016


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          July 10, 2016, Honolulu, Hawaii.  
          Carroll talks about the outbreak of Hepatitis A, and the Hawaii Department of Health's (DOH) inability to identify the source.  The department is understaffed.  They do not have enough staff to conduct inspections so they rely on businesses to self-report problems.  DOH first reported an outbreak of 12 cases of Hepatitis A to the public in mid-June.  On July 6 they announced an increase to 31 cases but they still do not know the source.  There are probably more cases.   Another problem is mosquitoes.   Carroll notes information he received regarding the DOH not taking proactive steps at several locations of infestation that were reported by city workers, leaving the workers to suffer from multiple bites as they do their work.      
          Another example of problems at DOH is the latest Kewalo Basin sewage spill.   Kewalo was state land, but the Hawaii Community Development Association (HCDA) leased it to Howard Hughes Corporation  (see their lease agreement).   Carroll tells us on July 3, 2016, sewage was bubbling up from a manhole cover at Kewalo, and running into the parking lot and ocean.  Per the DOH, no one called the Department of Health, so nothing was done until July 5, after the big holiday crowd was gone. And, more importantly, no one told the many people using the area over the holiday.  HCDA said they called 911 on July 3rd, but  DOH told the public HCDA did not know about the spill until July 5.  The DOH tested the area on July 6, after the spill was diluted.    DOH said  the area is safe, and as of yet, there has not been a formal report of the spill.   The sewer line is still broken and the rest rooms are closed.    It is not clear if Kewalo Basin is public or private land. Reporters were told to leave the area because it is private property.   A plumbing company said they could not fix the problem, so the city sent in their pumping trucks and city workers to do the job, even though it was on private land.  The lease between HCDA and Howard Hughes Corporation indicates the lessee may be responsible for utilities, including the sewer.  Will Howard Hughes Corporation be charged?    Several times HCDA and Howard Hughes Corporation have said the land is private and they can do what they want, so they should be the ones to pay for the sewer line.   Carroll will be filing a request to treat the situation as a criminal action.
          A caller brings up the subject of cars being towed from Ala Moana Beach Park.  His car was damaged while being towed, but the towing company says it was not their doing.  Carroll has been researching Kakaako construction workers parking in the lot early in the morning, leaving no spaces for the public.  He will be following up on the issues.    Callers discuss other issues of concern, including politics, rail and civil rights and human rights.



















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