SUNDAY, July 3, 2011


        The Lie of the Land

      Carroll, and his guest, Pam Davis,  talk about how our government is caught in lies, and they have proof!

      Pam talks about problems receiving documents about the killing of a caretaker's colony of feral cats at the Pearl City Baseyard.  She has a recording of employees talking about documents regarding the situation.  She FOIA'd  the Dept. of Environmental Services for the actual documents, but the city said they could not find any documents relating to the request.  After filing a formal complaint about records being destroyed, she was told the records did not belong to DES, but they would release them to prove they did not destroy them.   

      The government often uses tactics to frustrate, interfere and deny public access to information. In this case, they only released the information because they were caught in a lie.   Following  is another example of lies regarding documents.  

      Carroll has had many problems trying to get documents, particularly for the handling of violations at the Waikele Caves property, site of a recent fireworks explosion killing five people.  Carroll has copies of documents regarding property use, and specifically a 10/29/10 letter from Ed Case, representing the Navy (owner of property),  which he discussed with Don Kitaoka, Deputy Corporation Counsel for the city regarding the violations.   But, when Carroll FOIA'd the city for their copies and other emails regarding Waikele Caves, they claimed they did not exist. Here are some documents regarding the attempts to avoid giving the letters and other info to Carroll from Don Kitaoka and Diane Kawauchi from the Corporation Counsel office.

      Various emails showing attempt to get information, and Kawauchi's email  "recalling" a previous email telling Kitaoka not to talk to Cox.

      Formal request to city, and response saying documents do not exist  

      The  10/29 "draft" letter  from Case -  As received from the Navy

      Case's email to Kitaoka saying  the 10/29 letter is attached  (the letter Kitaoka says does not exist)

       The Navy also provided additional emails showing the extent of the contact between Ed Case and Don Kitaoka.

      Other Documents:

      For more information, listen to the second hour of our April 24, 2011, show regarding Waikele Caves  (Link here).


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