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      The first hour Carroll  talks with Bridget Hammerquist,   Jay Kechloian,  and other members of Friends of Maha'ulepu.  They tell us more about the area, and bring us up to date with the organization's opposition to a proposed industrial dairy farm  on Kauai.   The 2,000 cow factory dairy is proposed for a pristine valley of Kauai containing a beautiful beach, a stream running directly into the ocean,  a major archaeological site, and other places of historical interest near Poipu, Kauai.  Not only that, the beach and the valley are part of a major tourist area.    Runoff from waste generated by 2,000 cows uphill from the beach would have a major, negative impact on the entire environment.   

      Friends of Maha'ulepu recently hired a lawyer with many years of experience working with organizations in opposition to large dairy farms in areas that cause irreparable harm to the environment.     Dairy farms are needed, but not just anywhere.  The challenge is on for Hawaii, but it is not cheap.  

      Friends of Maha’ulepu member, Jay Kechloian, has graciously agreed to match donations made between March 1 and May 15th up to $100,000.  Double your gift by giving now!  Send your donations to:
      Friends of Maha’ulepu, P.O. Box 1654, Koloa, Hi 96756.

        Visit their website www.friendsofmahaulepu.org for more information, make a donation (every dollar will help!), and sign a petition.  There is also a copy of the plan for building and managing the dairy farm.   

         You may also contact Friends of Maha'ulepu  at 808-742-1037, or email to:  friendsofmahaulepu@gmail.com

        Visit www.hawaiidairyfarms.com for information about the dairy farm, or contact Amy Hennessey at 808-544-8973.

        Visit www.cavereserve.org for information on the archaeological site.

        Link here to more pictures of Kauai.

        Link here to the 12/11/14 story on HawaiiNewsNow.com.

        Link to our prior shows regarding the dairy farm  on 11/30/14 and 02/08/15.


        The second hour Carroll notes, the people are not paranoid, it is the government that is paranoid.   Carroll shares a letter from the Senior Communications Manager from the Department of Land and Natural Resources, admonishing Carroll for  attempting talking directly to department personnel  about resources.   The government works for the people, and the DLNR has many scientists and specialists who can answer resource questions or respond to problems.    

        Carroll then talks about a former DLNR employee, Frazer McGilvray,  who worked as Aquatic Resources Program Administrator  for approximately 13 months, for a salary of over $100,000 a year.     Based on information he received from various sources, Carroll has learned that during his 13 months he was at DLNR  McGilvray took approximately  28 flights to the outer Hawaiian islands using first-class tickets that were  approved by then DLNR Chairman William Aila.     Not only that, McGilvray  took first-class  trips to the mainland, including San Antonio, St. Louis,  Washington DC, Portland, Oregon, Denver, Colorado, and even the Virgin Islands.   He then resigned.  He did not attend a meeting in Australia that was already booked prior to his resignation.     Was he the right person for the job?  We wonder what did DLNR actually get from his brief employment.    

        The DLNR is constantly complaining about their budget and not having enough funds to conduct their business.    As we know, many things have been neglected.  Yet, here comes McGilvray with lavish expenses, including Apple computers and phones, and  scuba diving certification.    And, he is not the only big expense, or careless use of state funds.  Carroll gives examples of the misuse of state land at two different harbors by the people leasing  land from the state.  Although the issues were investigated, and proved, nothing was done.    

        Per McGilvray's FaceBook page, he previously worked for Conservation International, an organization with ties to DLNR.  McGilvray now works for Malama Maunalua in Hawaii Kai.  This may tie in with the proposed appointment of Carlton Ching as Chairman of the DLNR, and thereby any future hires by the DLNR.    These are the kinds of things going on behind the scenes that the DLNR  "Senior Communications Manager"  does not want you to know about.   

        So, this is where we are.  




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