SUNDAY, June  10, 2012



      Carroll and Attorney Mike Ostendorp talk about rail, comparing it to other failed projects such as TheBoat and The Super Ferry.    They also talk about political promises and corruption,  fairness of tax breaks,  and many other topics of interest to voters.   

      The second hour Carroll talks with Reid Shimabukuro, President, Federal Firefighters Union, about the June 4th wildfire in Lualualei.    The Lualualei fire station was close, and firemen had to be dispatched from other locatioons,  to the detriment of fighting  fires in a sensitive area where military munitions are stored.    Also, when firefighters requested a military helicoptor to help  put out the June 4th fire, their request was denied.  The fire was out of control for several days after that.   The federal firefighters did a great job, but they were put in jeopardy when they did not get the support they needed from their management or the Navy.   Link here to Mr. Shimabukuro's statements.



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