SUNDAY, May 29, 2011


      Carroll talks with Michele Leao, Steven Pratt and Karlel Crowley about problems their nonprofit organizations, Konishiki Kids Foundation and Shaka Kids,  experienced while working  with City and County of Honolulu Special Events Coordinator, Ms. Patty Teruya.

      To the embarrassment of all involved, they tell Carroll that seven weeks prior to a fund-raising event at Sandy Beach, and after spending almost a year planning it with Ms. Teruya,  the event was canceled due to planning problems caused by Ms. Teruya.

      They also talk about how their organizations had problems working with Ms. Teruya on obtaining grants, and provide examples of  conflicts of interest and other misconduct.   In hopes of helping others, they came forward and filed complaints with the Ethics Commission.

      Carroll's guests then talk about how Ms. Teruya's actions adversely affected their nonprofit organizations.  Michele and Konishiki Kids were threatened with retaliation, but Ms. Teruya still works for the city under the protection of Mayor Carlisle.   And, Ms. Teruya is still in a position where she can, and has, provided benefits to her own non-profit organization to the detriment of others trying to help the community.

      Visit:  www.shakakidz.com  and www.konishikikidshawaii.com for more information about these great non-profit organizations.

         Just a warning, it's complicated



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