New trucks sit in baseyard -  unused  - until they can be fixed, returned or replaced

June 1, 2011:    Some of us are familiar with  trash cans building up after a holiday or a big party.  Some unfortunate residents of Oahu will get a little more acquainted with their trash today because their trashman didn't come.   Why?  Because his truck doesn't work.

 Unfortunately approximately 5,000 trash cans didn't get picked up the day after Memorial Day.  The delay was caused by the lack of working, automated trash trucks normally used to pick up trash in their area.    The trucks are dispatched out of the Middle Street Base Yard, and yesterday, at least nine drivers could not pick up trash because they did not have trucks available for today. 

A day late - overflowing bins wait for pickup

Some of the drivers told The Carroll Cox Show that the delays were caused by the large number of trucks out of service that have not been repaired.  They are sitting idle at the Middle Street or Halawa Yards.  The workers estimate that approximately thirty side, rear and front loading trash trucks are inoperable.   In the meantime, City officials are dragging their feet to get us answers to questions we raised about eight new trash trucks that were brought in from Minnesota and left to sit in the maintenance yard at Halawa.  Procurement documents we recovered from the City and County of Honolulu show that the cost to aquire the eight trucks was $1,908,153.63.  The drivers told us  they are not using the trucks because the cab of the truck does not have enough room for a full bulky item crew and driver, and that it was a safety concern.

Trash is finally picked up - one date later

In an unrelated incident involving the City and County of Honolulu's trash pickup:  at least nine automated trucks were driven to the Mililani Mortuary to pay homage to a retired city worker's spouse.  This was done while trash cans in their district were waiting at curbside for pickup. 


Three of nine trash trucks seen leaving Mililani Cemetery on 5/31/11