SUNDAY, May 22, 2011


      Carroll continues his discussion of government waste, fraud and abuse.  For example:   new trash trucks not in service, fee waivers for recyclers, the open DLNR administrator position,   who gets state press releases and responses to direct questions, and difficulty getting information from OIPA.

      He also talks about Mr. Bill Mahas' recycling company trashing paradise in four different locations, and getting away with it!   Since 1998,  the state has tried to prosecute him for such things as oil and chemicals from his property running into the street.   In 1994 he was in Mapunapuna, in1998 on Sand Island, then he went to Campbell Industrial Park, leaving pollutants behind in each location   DOH cited the company, but cannot prosecute.  What's going on?

      Mahas' Kalaeloa property -  Lessee is trying to evict him




      Relevant Documents:

      DOH Inspection Report
      DOH vs. DLNR regarding violations
      Various communications about violations


      Link to more shocking pictures!


      6/5/11 - We receive answers from Refuse Division -  60 of 155 trucks are inoperable.     Link Here


      LEFT BEHIND - Bill Mahas' trash - labeled "Metal 4 Bill",  and "Oil"



      Mahas' oil and chemicals - on the streets  

      and in the gutter ...........
      and we all know where that goes

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    Our legislators want to purchase the slaughterhouse on Oahu to make sure we get fresh local pork, but is it needed?.   Stores in Chinatown say local pork is too greasy and smells bad (they suspect it's from the feed).

    Pictured here, a store takes a shipment of pork just received from the mainland.


    LINK HERE to our show of 4/10/11 discussing the slaughterhouse legislation.



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