SUNDAY, May 20, 2012



      Carroll talks about the environment, foam, politics, favoritism and abuse of office.    To illustrate part of the problem, he plays a recording of a recent Nanakuli Neighborhood Board meeting.  Listen to board member Kimo Kelii's anger as he yells and bullies citizens testifying before the board  when they bring up the point that he does not live in the Nanakuli community.   The people filed numerous complaints to the Neighborhood Board Commission, but the commission is not doing anything about it.  Carroll gives us more background on what is really going on, including evidence of backroom dealings and cover-ups.


      A snowball in .......

      This environmentalist should be foaming at the mouth, but he's not.  Carroll Cox is sorting through foam that washed up on a beach in Kalaeloa, aka Campbell Industrial Park.  The foam may be part of a floating dock that was cut loose and drifted out to sea.   Now it is back and drifting ashore.   Large chunks of foam are broken into bits as waves  toss the foam and cement pieces into the rocks.   The foam is spread out across the beach for about one-half mile, and there is more floating out at sea and pooled along the shoreline.