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   SUNDAY, May 19, 2013


          Carroll  talks with a caller about being disabled in Hawaii.  Carroll also discusses the impact of the (de)Occupy Hawaii group's tactics of blocking the sidewalks.   Their only accomplishment is  causing  problems for  the people they are supposedly advocating for.  The caller urges the public to attend a transportation hearing on Tuesday, March 21, at 10 am, in the City Council  Committee Room, 2nd floor.

          The main topic for the day is veterans.   

          Carolyn Golojuch discusses ongoing efforts to help Tina Quizon with her complaints against U.S. Vets. Tina filed complaints about their women vet's homeless facility and was retaliated against.  She now faces eviction from the facility.   She asked City Councilmember Kymberly Pine for help.  Pine responded by saying there would be an investigation.  However, Councilmember Pine did not disclose to Tina, or to Carolyn, who is advocating for Tina,  that she worked for, and is a board member of U.S. Vets.  Apparently, she even has an office at the U.S. Vets facility in Kapolei to run her consulting business. Pine should have informed them of this, and should have recused herself.  Carroll also researched government disclosure forms and found conflicting statements about her work with U.S. Vets.       

          Carroll then notes that a church, Pacific Revival Center,  has a story about the big grand opening of the U.S. Vets facility on their website.    Darryl  Vincent,  head of U.S. Vets, used the homeless vets to pass out flyers for the same church.  He even transported them their using the U.S. Vets government van!   (Link here to church site  - unless they take it down.).   

          Carolyn and Carroll note they are addressing  the U.S. Vets issue in order to help all vets, not just Tina, who is one of many vets reporting problems.   Call Carolyn at 672-9050 for more information.

          Carolyn Golojuch also announced the 23rd Annual Honolulu Gay Pride Parade on June 1, 2013.  Its all about civil rights.  Visit   www.honoluluprideparade.blogspot.com  for more information.   She also notes that  PFLAG (Parents, Family & Friends of Lebians and Gays) meets once a month at First Unitarian Church on Pali Highway.  For more information call Carolyn at 672-9050, or visit   www.pflagoahu.org.

          We sent Kymberly Pine a list of questions (attached).    She has not yet provided answers:

          See following attached disclsure statements submitted by City Councilmember Pine:

          Disclosure for 2010
          Disclosure for 2011
          Disclosure for 2012







                                                      IN THE WEB OF DECEIT



       Councilmember Kymberly Pine at ceremony opening U.S. Vets homeless facility for women.
      Supposedly she just supports vets.  Now we find out she actually worked, or works for U.S. Vets
      and is on the board/advisory panel for U.S. Vets..



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