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   SUNDAY, May 18, 2014



        Carroll's guests are  Edna Francha,  Melody Aduja and Courtney Brown.     They discuss the various issues behind the high rate of foreclosures over the past few years.

        Recently the court made a FINAL JUDGMENT AND PERMANENT INJUNCTION (see attached) against Ms. Francha in the amount of a million dollars.   Ms. Francha talks about the problems she has been having with lawyers and the court system, and why she is planning on appealing the judgment.  

        Edna Francha, owner of Francha Services, LLC,  is a forensic auditor doing research into the possibility of mortgage fraud on a property that has been or is in foreclosure.    Ms. Francha says she does not do mortgage modification and she never promised anyone she could save their home.  But this, per the State of Hawaii, along with collecting payments up front for promising a service, is what is illegal and fraudulent.   And, this is what the State of Hawaii is accusing her of doing.   

        Courtney Brown of Hawaii Homeowner's Inc. is also a forensic auditor.  He explains how customers were fooled by mortgage brokers into getting loans they could not afford in the years between 2001 and 2008.  That is why the system collapsed and why there are so many problems today.  Although banks made big profits and brokers made big commissions and bonuses during those years, it is the homeowners, and people like Ms. Francha, who are suffering the consequences.

        Attorney Melody Aduja discusses how and why mortgage notes may not be valid.  Many mortgages were obtained, or foreclosures pursued, by fraud and forgery.   That is why a forensic audit is helpful for homeowners, lawyers and the court, and auditors like Edna Francha are necessary to the process.

        Note:  Forensic auditors are not required to be licensed in Hawaii but they do have accounting backgrounds.  Also, certificates are issued for special classes.  Auditors are considered, and certified, as "expert" witnesses in some states, but not in Hawaii.

        For more information or foreclosure help, Courtney Brown can be reached at 537-4111.   Melody Aduja can be reached  at 258-8889 or adujalaw@gmail.com

        Edna Francha was previously on our show of 10/6/13.   Link here to listen.   



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