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   SUNDAY, October 6, 2013


        Carroll's guest is Edna Franco, who was featured in a 10/5/13 StarAdvertiser story she claims inaccurately reported she was defrauding the public as a "distressed property consultant", conducting "foreclosure rescue fraud".   Ms. Franco tells us the story was based on false accusations by the Office of Consumer Protection.   Ms. Franco also says the only witness was "misled and tricked" by the DCCA into making a statement against Franco and that statement was later retracted.     

        Also in the studio are  Ms. Franco's attorney, Melody Aduja, and Ms. Merlina Tabuyo,  the person who made the statement that was  retracted.  Ms. Aduja tells us they never received the court documents referenced by the StarAdvertiser, including an Order of Contempt.  

        Ms. Franco states she is a trained Certified Forensic Loan Auditor.   Attorneys and homeowners use her service to research illegally assigned mortgages used by banks to foreclose on property.  Ms. Franco says she does not modify mortgages or otherwise perform any of the activities outlined in the article.   She also tells us that not all mortgages have problems, but she is able to find out if they do.  

        Ms. Franco informs us she is now being sued by the Office of Consumer Protection for investigating banks that violate Hawaii's consumer protection laws by engaging in unfair and deceptive practices.    Once again, this situation illustrates the corruption of the foreclosure process.  Ms. Franco and Ms. Aduja talk about some of the questionable practices taking place to foreclose on property that only benefit the banks, not the homeowners.  This  includes robo-signing "forged" documents,  banks refusing to rewrite existing mortgages, and federal laws that were supposed to help homeowners but end up making the banks billions of dollars.   Per Ms. Franco, it is all very complicated and that is why a trained and certified forensic auditor is needed.  

        Callers give us more information about foreclosures and the need for experts who can wade through all the red tape created by the banks.  

        Link here to the Star Advertiser story 10/5/13

        Link here to the Star Advertiser followup story 10/7 - "Accusation is not true"

        Callers also tell us about  two issues affecting the North Shore - the eviction of long-term tenants from their Kahuku Plantation homes so the property can be redeveloped, along with big plans for developing Turtle Bay and the Kahuku/Laie areas of the North Shore.   The "Keep Country Country" movement is planning a rally on Tuesday, 10/8,  to be held at the Kahuku Community Center  prior to the Zoning Committee's meeting  to discuss their "Envision Laie" and the Koolauloa Sustainable Communities Plan.  The rally will start  at 4 p.m.    Callers tell us the proposed plans are not "sustainable".  They are asking  for intelligent development that works within the confines of the area, not the big proposals the mainland corporate developers are making.  

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