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   SUNDAY, May 11, 2014



        Carroll starts the show by talking about being assaulted by masked men in the Kalaeloa area on May 7 while investigating environmental and government waste, fraud and abuse within the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, and on property owned by the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands and leased to others.   Prior to the attack Carroll filed complaints with the Attorney General and with Jobie Masagatani, the Director of the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands regarding illegal dumping and abuse of leases.    Listen to our April 6 and our April 13 shows regarding the issues.    After the attack Mr. George Grace reports he was approached and threatened by Mark Aiwohi, of Aiwohi Trucking, because of the "trouble"  George Grace, his family, and Carroll Cox were making for him and state Land Agent Lalei Young.   George filed a police report and TRO against Mr. Aiwohi  (link here).    Here is one quote from the Tempoary Restraining Order:

        8. Tell Mr Cox that he saw me sitting out there 20-25 minutes before he got assaulted. And just to
        show him that I have power and can have anybody taken care of that stands in my way.  Then
        Respondent turned and while he was walking away to his truck he said "George you better worry, I have
        no problem hurting you and your family." Respondent continued to shout at me that I need to keep my
        sister under control and the at the next time somebody is going to the hospital. Respondent glared at
        me as he climbed into his truck, slammed the door and raced off in his truck.

         Carroll asks that you be vigilant, ask the police to conduct a thorough investigation, and that any parties found to be responsible for, or who participated in the attack be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.   In the meantime, we will continue to pursue illegal activities.  We will not be deterred and we hope this does not deter you in seeking solutions to environmental abuse and fraud in government.                                                          

        Carroll's guests today are Curt Fevella and Tom Berg.  


                                              Tom Berg

                        Curt Fevella

        They talk about a grant of $100,000 given to Hawaii State Representative Rida Cabinilla's nonprofit organization, the Ewa Historical Society,  to maintain a cemetery in Ewa.    However, the city recently signed a contract for maintaining the cemetery, so the grant was not even needed.  Rida Cabinilla (Arakawa)  originally requested $200,000  for her nonprofit organization to hire groundskeepers to mow 3 to 4 acres for one year.   (Good work if you can get it!   Cabinilla is hiring.)    Tom Berg tells us Cabinilla's organization did not even show up at the presentation meeting for non-profits, on March 7, to justify their request for funds.   While others made formal presentations, and many organizations were turned down, she just turned in an application and got a grant.  Tom Berg tells us the organization was not even in good standing when Cabinilla applied for the grant.   There are so many worthy needs in the community, but she and her family got money to duplicate the efforts of others.   Why is that?






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        Attacked, but OK.  Thanks for all your concern and support!











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