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   SUNDAY, May 5, 2013


                                                PLIGHT OF THE BEES

          Carroll, Howard McGinnis, Alicia Forester Scott and Dave Hunter are back to moderate a national panel of bee experts and talk about what is happening to the bee population.    Beekeepers are losing up to 30% of their colonies a year.  This winter their loss was up to 50%.  Our panel discusses the problems and what we can do to help find a solution.

          Steve Petterson, Ph.D.  talks about what is causing the collapse of bees, including varroa mites, viruses, and other diseases,  chemical use in farmland, mismanagement of hives, colony collapse disorder,  and moving hives around.  For more information go to  www.agpollen.com

          Suzanne Wainwright-Evans works with gardeners and farmers to provide a healthy environment for bees to work.  She discusses alternative methods for controlling insects that will not harm the bees.  Overuse of fertilizers can also be a problem. Suzanne notes that organic products, too, are not always safe for pollinators.  For more information contact Suzanne at  www.bugladyconsulting.com  

          Carole Sevilla Brown talks about including native plants in your garden to support the local bee and butterfly population.  Even small gardens and potted plants will attract bees.  Every part of the country is different, so be sure to choose plants for your specific area.  A local native plant society can help.    www.ecosystemgardening.com

          Joe Fahey owns apple and cherry orchards in Wisconsin and is working with Dave Hunter to manage his orchards.   Joe inserts bee hives for six weeks a year to pollinate his trees.   Joe and Dave tell us how many chemicals are used to enhance the look of fruit to increase sales, but sometimes the fruit does not taste as good as it should because of the chemicals.  Buy the ugly fruit and you may be happier with the taste!   Joe's website:   www.peckandbushel.com

          Randy Bigbie owns an orchard in North Carolina and is also working with his mentor,  Dave Hunter.  He discusses the crisis we will be facing if we do not increase the bee population. Second and third generations of beekeepers are shutting shop due to loss of bees in his area. Randy and Dave are working with mason bees in North Carolina and wants to getthe word out.

          If you would like help, Dave Hunter's website is www.crownbees.com  

          Bee Week is June 3 thru 9.  Alisha Forester Scott  and Dave Hunter are producing Bees Week 2013 at the Albuquerque Film & Media Experience, including a Scientific and Community Panel Forum at the University of New Mexico, moderated by Tina Quizon, a frequent guest on our show. There will also be a movie screening and a gathering at the Buzz Lounge.   See Alicia's website, www.pollinatorsupportmovement.com  for more information.

          Link here for more information, websites, and email addresses for all of the panelists on today's show.  











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          Howard McGinnis, our local expert and provider of pollinator bees, is in the studio.  He is "helping farms grow in the state of Hawaii".  Contact him at 258-7296, www.nalo-meli.com



            Howard brought in these Kona Queen Bees he will be using in his pollination business.