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   SUNDAY, March 23, 2014



        Carroll talks about Councilwoman Kymberly Pine's  proposal of  Resolution 14-54 to waive back taxes on real property owed by the Nanakuli Hawaiian Homestead Community Association (NHHCA).  They are a nonprofit organization that may qualify for exemption from real property tax, but they are delinquent and did not file the necessary paperwork.   They now owe over $60,000 in taxes, dating back to 2007.   Should their taxes be waived?  Is some of their property being used for non-exempt activity?  Are special favors being granted?  

        Next Carroll talks about unfair practices and other issues with leasing, or trying to lease land from the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands.    Just more examples of the dysfunctional DHHL.    In one case a lease is being delayed by DHHL's tactic of questioning the lesee's  "character" on behalf of others.   Meanwhile other lesees, reportedly with illegal activities on their property, get favors. There are even reports of underhanded payments to land agents.    Special deals, lost paperwork and harassment show that, even though DHHL's name is "Hawaiian" it does not mean they take care of Hawaiians.   Why isn't there oversight on the federal level?   Corruption is running rampant and Carroll gives examples.

        Some good news, and progress being made.   The Attorney General ruled DHHL and DOH must release documents relating to the illegal septic tanks built on  DHHL property on the Big Island  (see our shows of 3/9 and 3/16/14).  However, DHHL is asking the legislature to pass bills that will exempt them releasing public records in the future.   We all know why that is a bad idea.  


        Note:  Tonight, 3/23/14,  at 5 p.m., Nanakuli Performing Arts Center is presenting Joseph and His Amazing Dreamcoat. The children are great; they need your help and support, so go see it if you can!



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