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      Carroll  starts the show with  musicians Robert "Bobby" Parks and Duane Ka'aiali'i, in studio, playing their music and talking story about growing up on the Waianae Coast.  They discuss what it is to be Hawaiian, cultural respect and acceptance, civil rights, and other local issues. They played their songs Leilani, Love You More, Endless Part of You, and It's True.  



      The second hour Carroll talks about politicians and high-level government support staff becoming lobbyists immediately after leaving office.  Once again, it is about connections.   For example, Bruce Copa, Governor Abercrombie's Chief-of-Staff, became a lobbyist for multiple companies, including Monsato.   This is common practice on both the state and federal levels, but is it ethical?     Companies pay a lot of money to lobbyists, but were favors granted while that person was in government?      Do ex-politicians and staff members ever lobby for the people?    

      Then, there is Carleton Ching, a lobbyist for developers, who was nominated by Governor Ige to head the Board of Land and Natural Resources.  At least the people recognized the conflict of interest in that appointment and Ige finally had to withdraw his nomination.  

      Carroll also reads a list of companies providing multiple golf outings and tournaments for several state employees.  Not surprisingly, among the companies are several that are involved with the rail project.   

      Carroll attended the March 18 Senate session to observe the process of the full Senate voting for Ching's confirmation.    He has pictures, including one of the ORDER OF BUSINESS document informing the Senate that Ching's name had been withdrawn.  Link here for more info


          Carroll has written an article regarding corruption and waste of money within the Department of Land and Natural Resources under Chairman William Aila, with examples of  Frazer McGilvray, a program administrator for a little over one year, flying first class and receiving other perks (as discussed 3/15/15), and Wilson Keahi allegedly renting and illegally leasing out state land to other boaters that is adjacent to property he leases from the state.   Nineteen months ago, after an investigation,  nothing happened.   Link here to read the article to see what happened after Carroll started asking questions.  




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                                                   Lobbyists and bill collectors









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