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      Carroll  talks about political corruption in the state government.  Politicians are using your kindness against you, so do not be surprised when they betray you.  They smile at you and take your information, but rarely does anything happen beyond that.    Two examples among so many:  the sludge dumped illegally in Waianae, and the medical waste released into the ocean from the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill.   Problems with ethics and nepotism are often mentioned when talking about our politicians, but rarely does anything go beyond the talk.  When is government going to do right by the people?   We all need to think about the issues and vote for a politician that will make a difference, not the one who made you chili, waived his hand at you, and maybe shook your hand.    Has there ever been more trickery or lies than what we are seeing with the Honolulu rail project?   The government is supposed to serve the people with checks and balances, but it is not working that way.    We all need to act as if we care.  

      So, Governor Ige's nominee for DLNR Chair, Carleton Ching, said he is looking for the "sweet spot" between development and the environment.  What could that possibly mean?   How will that solve problems?    

      This week a woman was assaulted by  a person representing the Monk Seal Foundation that is  "protecting" monk seals lying on the beach.  The organization places a rope around the seal, then sits around and watches.  In some cases they have been accused of verbally harassing and challenging anyone who they say is coming too close to the seal.   This time the Monk Seal Foundation representative went too far when their representative attacked and knocked a cell phone from a citizen's hand.  They tell people they cannot  take pictures, but they have a website with many close-up pictures of the seals that they took while supposedly protecting the seals.   Could it be that they are stressing out the seal with their ropes, signs, fences, yelling at the public, and taking close-up pictures?  The organization is reportedly trained by NOAA and claims to be operating under a permit issued by NOAA.    They are supposed to educate the people, but they are also becoming a threat. Yelling never works.       

      Carroll reads an email he received in support of Carleton Ching and William Aila, saying DLNR is currently run by environmentalists.   Carroll notes he agrees on that part, and the "environmentalists" are also part of the problem.    DLNR has interns from nonprofits working with their programs.   Frazer McGilvray came from Conservation International and maintained ties while working with DLNR.   He seems to be favoring Conservation International and their programs.

      Carroll talks about problems within various nonprofit environmental organizations, both here and on the mainland.   He points out that some have even used terrorism as a tool.  There is no regulatory body for nonprofits and they do what they want under their banner of being environmentalists, including abuse of laws protecting wildlife by citing special privilege.    

      The final topic is fires at the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill and what that means.   Once again, a lack of action and enforcement is causing problems.  


      3/18/15 - BREAKING NEWS -  Governor Ige withdraws nomination of Carleton Ching for Chairman of DLNR - Link here for more info

      Carroll has written an article regarding corruption and waste of money within the Department of Land and Natural Resources under Chairman William Aila, with examples of  Frazer McGilvray, a program administrator for a little over one year, flying first class and receiving other perks (as discussed last week), and Wilson Keahi allegedly renting and illegally leasing out state land to other boaters that is adjacent to property he leases from the state.   Nineteen months ago, after an investigation,  nothing happened.   Link here to read the article to see what happened after Carroll started asking questions.  


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