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   SUNDAY, March 13, 2016


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          March 13, 2016, Honolulu, Hawaii.  
          Carroll's guest is journalist and freelance writer Albert Lanier.  He has covered several elections here in Hawaii, looking at the process from a street level perspective. They discuss statements from the Republican Party saying they are "taking the country back."    Who took the country, and from what?    Will Donald Trump be the one they choose to run for president, and where will the country be after that?  Look how the campaign is going so far and project that into a Trump presidency.  Or what about a Ted Cruz presidency?  The Republican party does not like him either, so where does that leave the rest of the country? 
          It seems the Republicans' only objective is to disrupt Obama's presidency.  The rest of their agenda is in disarray  as conservatives, extremists, right-wingers and evangelicals clash.   If Trump is chosen to run for president, how will they ever get along?    And, what about the other politicians in the race?     When the public is so blatantly misinformed, how can it make a choice?   Just think about it.
          Even the Democratic candidates have problems.  And, there is our own Tulsi Gabbard.   She was elected as a Democrat, even though she had Republican ties in the past.  Notice how the right-wing media loves her.  Her staff in Washington includes many of her friends from her Hindu cult who do not have political  experience.   Tulsi has a lot to say and she certainly is out there.   So, what is she up to?
          A caller talks about eminent domain abuse, particularly in Hauula.  For more information, visit this website hawaiieminentdomainabuse.blogspot.com
          Then, there is always the rail in Hawaii's big political picture.    Hannemann started it, and now Caldwell is the main event.      
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