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   SUNDAY, February 8, 2015


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      The first hour Carroll brings back Bridget Hammerquist from Friends of Maha'ulepu to bring us up to date with the organization's opposition to a proposed industrial dairy farm  on Kauai.   Bridget briefly gives us some background information about the proposed dairy farm and the reasons for their opposition, but listen to our shows of  12/14/14,    and   11/30/14   for more information, including pictures, regarding the issues.    Friends of Maha'ulepu has obtained the services of an environmental lawyer who successfully fought similar issues regarding an industrial dairy's waste, pollution, and biting fly problems in the state of Washington.    The lawyer is Charlie Tebbutt, and his website is www.charlietebbutt.com

      Bridget informs us there is a petition protesting the dairy.   You can sign it, and make comments, at www.friendsofmahaulepu.org.   The petition currently has over 3,000 signatures, and the group is in the process of setting up an appointment with Governor Ige to present the petition in person.    Also visit www.cavereserve.org for information about an important archaeological site that will be affected by the dairy.

       The second hour Carroll continues his discussion, started on last week's show,  regarding the Hawaii Fueling Facilities Corporation (HFFC) jet fuel spill on Sand Island.   The issues have also been highlighted on several HawaiiNewsNow reports. Information is spinning out of control.   For example, Carroll was asked why he was concerned with this particular spill since there was already so much fuel in the ground!    Also, when was the spill identified, and when was it reported?  Conflicting dates have been released to the public.    Manipulation of facts, lies, and cover-up have started. 

      Link here to more pictures of the HFFC site.








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