Citizens Oppose Proposed Dairy Farm on Kauai


    Beautiful Kauai

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    A proposal to start a large dairy on Kauai, on land near the Hilton Po'ipo Beach hotel,  is in the works.   The proposal is to start with 700 pregnant cows and grow the herd to 2,000.  Bridget Hammerquist, of  Friends of Maha'ulepu, told us the proposal indicates waste from the cows will be recycled back as fertilizer for the pastureland.   However, per Bridget,  the amount of manure produced by that many cows will not recycle fast enough to stay on the farm. It will eventually end up in the ocean.   The environment cannot handle that much waste, and the resulting runoff will put a large amount of nitrates and ammonia into the nearby ocean.  


    Hawaii Dairy Farms say they have an ideal plan for their dairy farm based on dairy farms in New Zealand. However, per Bridget, New Zealand recently found out they have huge water pollution problems, both drinking water and ocean water,  due to the large amount of cows found there.    Bridget also tells us Hawaii Dairy Farms does not have an NRCS Conservation Plan or the proper permits.  They have not addressed the many concerns of the citizens of Kauai, and the state is slow to react.

    The people are not opposed to farms and dairies, but they are concerned about the way this is being set up and managed. 

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               Link here for more pictures of Waiopili Stream and the beach Mahaulepu.  They are already polluted, and will get much worse.