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   SUNDAY, February 21, 2016


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          February 21, 2016, Honolulu, Hawaii.  
          Carroll's first guest is Cathy Goeggel.President of Animal Rights Hawaii.   They discuss the slaughterhouse and rendering plant in Campbell Industrial Park.  The plant renders animals that cannot be consumed by humans.  Some of the rendered product goes into animal food, and some into commodities such as shampoo.  Animals are shipped to Oahu for slaughter under very inhumane conditions.    Cathy is now concerned about the proposed dairy on Kauai, and how many unwanted cows will be shipped to Oahu for slaughter.   Because the slaughterhouse is now owned by the state, the Legislature is asking for money to support the slaughterhouse and  the shipping of animals.   Cathy also tells us there may be a ten-million-hen egg farm planned for Central Oahu, and the chicken feed may come from the rendering plant.  Cathy asks why the Department of Land and Natural Resources is not concerned.  
          Carroll and Cathy also talk about the problem of abandoned and feral cats.   Cathy notes that Cats Friends Spay Neuter Clinic  where she volunteers spays/neuters a large number cats every month.   See www.hicatfriends.org for more information.  She asks people who can no longer keep their cats to bring them to a shelter, not leave them on the roadside like so much trash.
          Cathy also notes there may be a bill to allow DLNR to enter private property without permission to remove alien species, and discusses the proposed development of an Atlantis Resort at Ko'Olina that will include dolphin encounters.  

          A caller talks about cattle and dairy farmers on the Big Island.  The farmers are concerned about alien bacteria in GMO seed corn.   She also talks about current leases on old sugarcaning land,  and a suit by the Center for Biodiversity  against the Department of Commerce and NOAA  that will affect ocean mining and dumping near Hawaii.   This a big threat and we should all be concerned.   

          Another caller, Robert, tells us he was fined $350 and was told to put down his dog, a 2-year old  blue pit bull, after it bit another dog.    His dog, Knuckles,  is at the Kauai Humane Society.  Robert is asking the public's support to help save his dog,  by calling Penny Istaro at the Kauai Humane Society, 808-632-0610, and Judge Moss at 808-482-2300.   For more information,  Robert's number is 808-230-3323.     

          Carroll recently obtained a copy of the first 911 call to the City and County of Honolulu Emergency Medical Services (EMS) after Sai Hansen's boat hit two people in Kailua Bay on January 9, 2016.  Because there are so many questions about the incident, and no information is forthcoming from the various investigating agencies,  Carroll plays the tape to let people hear what was happening, and some of the confusion involved.   This tape illustrates  the challenges the EMS faces when responding to incidents in Hawaii, and how important they are to everyone, tourists and locals alike.   Carroll obtained the tape from EMS in response to his request for information.   Link here for more information and to listen to the call.       

          Carroll went to Kailua Bay last week and notes nothing is being done to protect the public from speeding boats and unsafe conditions, even after this major incident.     

          The final subject is H-Power and Covanta.  Carroll reads from an article about a controversial recylcing plant Covanta is proposing in Indiana.   The mayor and city council of Indianapolis are opposed to the plant, for good reason.   Carroll explains some of  the parallels to Oahu's plant and why they are objecting to a plant in Indianapolis.     












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