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   SUNDAY, February 14, 2016


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          February 14, 2016, Honolulu, Hawaii.  


          Carroll discusses current issues and events with guest Rod Tam.  Topics include the frustration of obtaining records from state agencies, particularly the example of the Kailua Bay accident.   Rod Tam notes that people are starting to  dislike the police and fire departments,  and it is a management issue.   How you treat the public is important.  

          Rod Tam talks about the economy, wages, working, and retiring in Hawaii. Taxes are high, but the legislators keep thinking of new ways and things they can charge to our citizens.    The Mayor Wright housing project did not have hot water for years, and is well below standards.  Why is the city allowed to be such a bad landlord?    Unfortunately, so-called affordable housing is not nearly affordable.  Tam tells us the current unemployment rate is misleading.  It only counts those collecting unemployment.   What is the real number?  The economy is not what we are being told.   

          Rod Tam also talks about Chuck Totto, the Ethics Commission,  and why he held meetings in restaurants, explaining how hard it is to find parking around the capitol.    Tam notes others have more serious ethics problems but are not being charged as he was.  A caller talks about some of the conflicts of interest he is seeing in government.   

          How can we take back our government?   Number one is to vote.  Then, watch over your government officials with calls and emails.   

          Carroll and callers also continue the discussion, and  their concerns, regarding the Kailua accident that took the life of Sri Shim.  
















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        Carroll continues his discussion about local issues on O'lelo Public Television, Channel 54.  
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