SUNDAY, February 12, 2012



      Carroll's guests are UH Professor Panos Prevedorus, and Cliff Slater from honolulutraffic.com, discussing what's up with the rail project.  A year ago there was a  ceremonial groundbreaking, leading people to think we are too far down the road to stop now.  But, we have not yet received  federal funding  and lawsuits are pending.    The federal government is cutting spending, which may leave funds in jeopardy.    Not only that, the cost has doubled and ridership estimates cut in half from the original estimates given when the project was approved.   Fairness of land condemnation will also be a major issue as development approaches Pearl Highlands and continues downtown.   This is the most expensive project proposal in the smallest city that has ever been considered.  And, it doesn't even begin to cover all the areas needed to be effective.    There are so many reasons we do not want rail - the environment,  the view, the historical districts, economics,  road deterioration and traffic congestion during construction.    There are so many alternatives to the rail.   Get involved!

      A panel discussion regarding Honolulu Challenges and Solutions will be held on February 28th, 6:30 PM, at Kapolei  Hale, and continued February 29th, 12:30 PM, at the Mission Memorial Auditorium.  Go to www.honolulutraffic.com for more information.

      Panos checking out traffic on the west side -  
      A station in Kapolei is no help here

      A second topic for the day is State Senator Clayton Hee's proposed animal protection bills.  Read more here.



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