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          February 7, 2016, Honolulu, Hawaii.  

          A Case of Confusion

          Carroll discusses the Department of Land and Natural Resources' (DLNR's) handling of the January boating accident near Kailua Bay, Hawaii, that killed Sri Shim and left his stepson seriously hurt.   Many questions need to be asked about DLNR, particularly about manpower and training.  Now the answers are even more critical to the public's perception of Hawaii's state agencies.    When problems occur, we often see more issues and misinformation rather than resolutions.  This is true for other areas as well, such as Pro Bowl traffic and parking, the breakdown of the zipper lane, the sewage spill that closed Waikiki Beach,  failed construction projects, and so many more.    

          There have not been any official statements regarding the accident, and many people are wondering what is going on.  "No comment" is very misleading.  Why was the boating incident classified as an "unattended death"?   Why was the operator of the boat, Sai Hansen, only issued a ticket for not having a boating certificate, with a penalty of up to 30 days in jail?   Some have even questioned who was actually driving the boat.   To add to the confusion, on February 5, 2016,  Deborah Ward, the DLNR Communications Specialist, issued a press release announcing the ticket and an upcoming court appearance.  Thirty minutes later an updated press release was issued, leaving out the court appearance. Approximately one hour later a statement was released advising the press release had been withdrawn.   Link here to review the press releases.

          Was this ill-advised ticket issued by DLNR due to the lack of leadership by Suzanne Case, who is so involved in projects important to her (such as upending the Aquatics Division and working with nonprofit organizations),  that she was not paying attention to a little boating accident, even if it involved a death?    Is a big cover-up in progress?   What will be the impact on the remainder of the investigation?  

          Proper recruiting,  training,  boats, communications, and equipment are needed so DLNR officers can do their jobs.   It is time Case takes her responsibilities to DLNR seriously.  



          How about the upcoming IUCN World Conservation Congress that, for the first time, will be held in the United States?  The state will be spending eight million dollars on the conference, to be held in September, and it is being advertised that the State of Hawaii is a global model for sustainable resources.    Really?   The following is from the brochure.    Let's make it true.    Spend some of the eight million dollars on our resources!

          "Hawai‘i is the natural choice to host this landmark global event, with its renowned
          beauty, outstanding biodiversity, World Heritage sites, unique indigenous culture
          and proven conservation methods that combine traditional knowledge with mod-
          ern science. An extraordinary assemblage of more than 25,000 native plants and ani-
          mals, of which 90% are found only in Hawai‘i, the planet’s most remote archipelago,
          makes the Hawaiian Islands one of the most ecologically diverse places on Earth."

















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