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   SUNDAY, January 27, 2013


          Carroll talks with Jim Crockett, Dr. Eileen Hilton, Julie Sharrer, other members of the Windward Coalition, and his many callers about excessive noise from late night and low-flying aircraft at the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base.    For example, Jim tells us just last week military aircraft were flying at 3 a.m., and they are flying  in an east-west pattern right over their neighborhoods.  The coalition is asking the military to consider the community's needs and input.  In November, 2012, they sent a list of recommendations that would help solve the problem on both sides, but they are still not getting results. The military is not discussing the situation with the community.  

          They finally got a response to their letter after Carroll inquired about it last week, but it was not what they expected and did not address any of the specific concerns the coalition raised in their original letter of November 23, 2012.   The military and Colonel Brian Annichiarico  also refused to participate in today's show.

          Link to our earlier shows on 7/29/12 and 8/5/12  when Carroll last discussed the same noise issues with the Windward Coalition.  

          Get more information and  take a noise survey at windwardcoalition.org





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