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   SUNDAY, January 26, 2014



          The first hour Carroll's guest is Charles Canamar, the veteran we have been talking about, and with, over the past few weeks.   You may have seen him in the news when he was protesting  his treatment by the U.S. Veterans Administration at locations where President Obama was vacationing.     We first talked with Mr. Canamar about his struggle to complete the process of getting the prosthetic legs, already built specifically for him, on our December 29, 2013, show.   Today he tells us, before he could finalize the process the Veterans Administration turned him away and then refused to pay the company that had a contract to manufacture the legs made specifically for him.   Read more about his story here.

          Per Mr. Canamar, apparently the prosthetic leg he already had was lost at some point, before or while he was in the hospital getting his second leg amputated, so now he has no legs.     Back in February, 2012, he was told he would be receiving his new legs very soon, but he is still waiting.   On January 24, 2014,  Mr. Canamar went to Tripler for a meeting and was told he needs to be re-evaluated again, for the third time.   He has already been waiting for three years.  Mr. Canamar now says,  "He just wants out of this limbo."  

          Officials at the Veterans Administration have not responded to Carroll's questions about this matter.   

          Questions about our unethical government are on the table.

          Our Next guest is RIchard DeConte, talking about the choice of steel wheel trains, overbuilding of condos in Kakaako, the affordable housing sale, handivans, and the common good for the people.   He wants to know why  we are not asking the right questions and why is there a lack of transparency in the deals being made.  Richard has a list of good questions that should be asked, and provides some of the facts and background involved in his questions.   

          A caller asks why millions of dollars of HUD money has been sitting on the table for the past few years.  Why isn't it being spent, particularly on alleviating homelessness and maintaining affordable housing units?  She notes, people need to come together as a community and confront the politicians and organizations.

          Richard points out, the bottom line is the people who have knowledge do not act.

          Carroll wants you to know about TAG Theater at Dole Cannery Square, a very talented theater group that has presented many great plays over the years.   They will be presenting the play, Radio Golf,  by August Wilson, directed by Lillian Jones, starting Friday, January 31, through Sunday, February 23.  Visit their website at, www.taghawaii.net, for more information.

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